Mesotherapy is a  technique  which vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes  applied alone or usually in a mixture to the middle layer of the skin  by microinjection, dermaroller, dermameso or needle-free mesotherapy devices. meso serums to be injected are selected according to the client and the requests of them.
Mesotherapy can be applied in many different situations. The most common cases of mesotherapy are as follows;Cilt Yaşlanması ve Sarkması (Lifting Etkisi)

  • Skin Aging and Sagging (Lifting Effect)
  • Collagen Loss (Filling Effect)
  • Ensuring the Skin's Moisture Balance
  • Spot Treatment, SunspotsDeri Çatlakları
  • Eye Contour Area Line Opener Care
  • Stretch Marks
  • Cellulite Care and Regional Tightening
  • Hair Loss, Hair Treatment
  • Dark Circles, Under Eye Bags and Wrinkled Skin Around the Eyes



In mesotherapy, low dose meso serums are given directly to the problem area by various mesotherapy methods. In this way, the problem is solved without a systemic effect and the maximum benefit from the treatment is achieved. If the application is done by injection, dermaroller, dermameso, temporary redness in this area, pain and bruising may occur during application. However, when the application is made with MesoButton nano needle meso technology,  it gives the same effect thanks to the disposable, invisible nano needles at the tip of the application head, while there are no problems such as pain, blushing and bruising.


During the classical facial gymnastics that we apply to our faces, the brain sends electrical signals that enable the muscles of the face to contract. In
addition to signals from the brain, the Meso Button EMS system sends out more intense warnings to the facial muscles from the outside. This extra
stimulus from the outside stimulates muscle contraction, as well as the main muscle groups on the face, as well as the muscles that are most difficult to access. With this system, muscles can be worked more intensively in a very short time. As a result, a natural lifting event occurs, such as recovery in the face oval, getting up in the eyebrows and opening in the wrinkles.


One of the most frequently used technologies in recent years is the application of meso serum to the skin together with pressurized carbon dioxide. CROSS  R&D department has created the technology called ‘’TIME MACHINE’’ where meso serums are sent under the skin with pressure. By developing this technology, it is ensured that the product in the handle, passes to the middle layer of the skin by passing through the hole opened by the nano needles. The present invention is of a historical nature.


Radiofrequency is a professional skin care application performed with special technological device that produces radio waves. With theradiofrequency, waves the deep layer of the skin can be easily reached without damaging the surface of the skin. With radiofrequency technology, the radiofrequency wave reaches the heat energy; This activates the fibroblast cells under the skin. In this way, intensive production of new collagen fibers in the skin is initiated. Radiofrequency applied skin care is one of the skin rejuvenation methods and is nowadays preferred frequently. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to form in aging skin due to loss of collagen fibers and slowing of fibroblast activity. The elastic fibers of the skin are produced by collagen and elastin, a skin cell fibroblast. Radiofrequency care on the collagen fibers caused by the heating reaches a sufficient level of these fibers immediately begins to oscillate. After the oscillations, the collagen fibers entangle and form lumps. This causes the skin to recover immediately. (short-term results) The increase in the quality of fibroblast cells after subsequent sessions ensures permanent, visible results throughout the entire application site. (long-term results) radiofrequency application starts to work from the first session. The extent to which the targeted result can be achieved is directly proportional to the size of the problem in the applied region. The bi-polar latest system radiofrequency handle is also available in the beauty gun handle on the MESOBUTTON. 


Sun damage and collagen loss combine to spoil the skin's fullness and appearance. In face mesotherapy, meso-specific serums (B2C MD MesoButton Nano Serum) are administered directly into and under the skin. Mesotherapy makes use of skin effective substances in a short time. Facial mesotherapy is a natural and beneficial method that renews the skin and is also effective on skin wrinkles and sagging skin. Mesolifting is a highly effective anti-aging treatment. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin; provides rejuvenation, firming and shine. After facial mesotherapy, the skin appears more fresh and rested. The elasticity of the skin increases and sagging of the skin decreases. Wrinkles lighten. The skin becomes bright. Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that renew the skin are applied under the skin by various methods in facial mesotherapy. Direct delivery of these beneficial substances to the skin and stimulation of the skin increases the collagen and elastin production of the skin, increases the hydration of the skin and renews the skin. Facial mesotherapy is initially performed at 1-2 week intervals. It can be repeated every 3-6 months after an average of 5-6 sessions. The results of facial mesotherapy begin to appear after the second session. The skin resurfacing effect continues after the treatment is completed.


Hair mesotherapy is a method that prevents hair loss in both men and women, but also provides hair growth and can be used as treatment of baldness. Prevents hair loss by providing necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the scalp of people with baldness. It is performed by absorbing serum into the scalp with the help of mesotherapy method, which contains the active ingredients. This method also accelerates cell metabolism, eliminates infections and greatly increases the rate of blood circulation in the scalp. It also stimulates hair follicles and helps you achieve long, strong, voluminous and healthy hair. In the mesotherapy method, the active substances, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other components to strengthen and care are fed by using very thin NANO needles and pressure mesotherapy method, 2-3 mm below the scalp. It is also recommended to apply 6 months after hair transplantation. By protecting and strengthening newly released hair, future hair loss is prevented.


Cellulite is a circulatory disorder that can be seen in women of all age groups. The problem usually occurs after lymphatic drainage due to hormonal factors. The active substances sent under the skin by mesotherapy regulate blood flow and lymphatic circulation in the cellulite area, dissolve fat deposits and finally correct the hardened connective tissue. This changes the appearance of the orange peel in the cellulite area of the person. The results are quite permanent if the treatment is supported by diet and exercise.


Nano needles, RF cap and cap scroll roll of in MesoButton's handle are in sterile set for each customer. In addition, it is not possible to use the device without your knowledge thanks to the IC card included in the kit. The kit includes 6 nano needle tips, 1 RF head, 1 head scroll roll and 6 reusable IC cards.


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