Setting out with the principles of high tecnology, high quality, trust and guarantee, CROSS takes great steps  today in the branding process with its production understanding, the importance it attaches to quality and its approach that prioritizes consumer demands. We have been maintaining our success for 21 years with the right steps we take in this direction, our forward-looking investment tradition, the importance we attach to production and technology, and the strength we get from our employees and business partners.

Our group, which started to produce Aesthetics, Beauty and SPA & Wellness devices with the CROSS brand since 2000, has also included the production of SPA equipments since 2005.

Our group in 2012 in its own area of 3,000m2 factory began its production activities in Turkey. Our company, which had OEM production in factories that kept CROSS technology and quality at maximum in Germany and some high-tech Chinese factories until 2019, after 2019 continues to produce in some higtech China factories and in its own factory. CROSS combines aesthetics with engineering in its designs. Being known for the concepts of design, quality and trust makes our group proud and at the same time empowers us to move towards new and bigger goals.

With our distinguished distributors we sell and provide after-sales services in many countries. All our devices have CE certificates. Doğuş Kozmetik SPA Group carries out the marketing process and activities of the CROSS brand with its professional field and training team.

The method of using the devices and the results of all necessary applications and training steps are documented with CROSS Training Certificates. At the same time, the CROSS brand has a presence in national and international sectoral exhibitions, workshops, congresses, seminars, symposiums, etc. with intensive participation, closely following the sectoral developments and innovations in the world and updating its product range.

Innovation is the cornerstone of sustainable success. With this awareness, as CROSS, we evaluate each new day with a new perspective and maintain the innovation culture within the company. Growing rapidly every year, we continue our way confidently as the manufacturer with the largest variety in our industry and in the world. For this reason, Doğuş Kozmetik SPA Group, which keeps the value it gives to its brand at maximum, has been awarded many awards with its high quality in production and after-sales support.

The CROSS brand reveals its sensitivity and privilege in customer satisfaction with its after-sales services thanks to its experienced technical staff. It strives to be worthy of the trust of the centers served. As CROSS, our goals are great and our values are our treasure.

Thank you for your support and trust in us.